The Lone Star GX2 Anchor Winch is an undisputed champion in the marine industry,

boasting unparalleled motor performance and a level of reliability that is second to none. In rigorous torture tests, it has proven its mettle by outlasting all competitors, cementing its position as the ultimate anchor winch.

What truly sets the GX2 apart is its exceptional motor performance. Designed for power and precision, it effortlessly handles the most demanding anchoring tasks with ease. Whether you're anchoring in calm waters or facing the challenges of rough seas, the GX2 delivers consistent, robust performance that you can rely on.

But where the GX2 truly shines is in its extraordinary reliability. In a gruelling torture test where it endured an astonishing 100 continuous runs, the GX2 emerged victorious, still running flawlessly. In comparison, its closest rival could only muster 20 runs before faltering. This remarkable durability speaks volumes about the GX2's ability to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring it will never let you down when it matters most.

Australia’s most popular winch model, you may have seen the GX2 in the famed Drum Winch Shootout. The GX2 boasts jaw dropping longevity and performance and is available with 5 different rope & chain combinations to suit most vessels to 7m and a variety of anchoring styles. The GX™ series have become the new workhorse & standard in perfectly engineered anchoring systems at the right price. Featuring all Australian Made 316 stainless and machined & anodized 6061 T-6 aluminium construction, “Real Italian” transmissions, triple sealed bearings, twin shaft bearing systems, machined slimline ‘fast change’ collars, & an all new emergency release as standard on all models. Motors are once again custom manufactured exclusively for LSM and are pre-rigged with twin leads for easy installation. From the company with so many Worlds First under its belt, we are proud to have created the first anchor winch motor with an IP68 rating (AS/NZS 60529). This silicon free, glue free, paint free design has been achieved utilizing the latest modern manufacturing techniques, right here in AU. Most importantly, GX Series winches are made to get wet! From small recreational boats to Commercial Vessels over 60ft, there is a GX Series winch just right for your boat and application. All backed by our famous 5 + Life Warranty.