Returns Policy


Demonstrated Commitment

The focus on having "100% positive eBay reviews from over 30,000 customers" serves as tangible proof of their dedication to customer satisfaction. This vast number of positive reviews indicates a consistent and reliable track record in delivering excellent service and products.


Warranty Assurance

Boat Hardware backs its products with a minimum 12-month warranty for the original purchaser, showcasing confidence in the quality of their items. This warranty acts as a safety net for customers, assuring them of support should any issues arise.


Return Policy Clarity

The return policy is clear and customer-friendly. They welcome returns for faults or dissatisfaction within a specified timeframe, demonstrating a commitment to resolving issues promptly. Additionally, for products sold by other manufacturers, Boat Hardware offers support in the return process, maintaining a level of assistance regardless of the product's origin.


Fair Return Process

Customers are guided on the return process—items must be shipped back with the original invoice and a detailed explanation of the issue. While they may not cover freight for incorrectly fitted parts, the assurance of fair assessment and reimbursement for valid claims aligns with their commitment to fairness.


Responsibility on Returns

Boat Hardware takes responsibility for return costs if the mistake lies on their end, ensuring customers aren't burdened by additional expenses due to company errors. However, they specify a 20% restocking fee for non-faulty products, indicating a balance between accommodating returns and covering costs incurred.


Refunds & Packaging Importance

Approved returns result in refunds to the original payment method. They also highlight the significance of packaging, as damaged packaging may impact the refund amount—a clear indication of the necessary care in handling returns.


Product Suitability & Customer Guidance

The disclaimer about product descriptions stresses the importance of customers confirming suitability before purchasing. It encourages customers to reach out if uncertain, emphasizing Boat Hardware's dedication to ensuring customers make informed choices.


Overall, Boat Hardware's policy aims to provide a seamless and supportive experience for customers, ensuring they feel confident in their purchases and well-supported in case of any issues or concerns.

We trust that any interactions with our business will follow in the footsteps of our past success and look forward to an exciting future with many regular and repeat customers experiencing satisfaction in upgrading there boat for the eventual purpose of enhancing there boating experience.

The Boat Hardware Team