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GFAB Boat Catch Review - Tony Orton, NZ


"Having used Boat Catch on my last three trailers, I can confidently say it's become indispensable for solo launching and retrieving. The seamless activation of the pin when driving up onto the trailer not only saves me numerous hassles but also ensures a safe operation. Constructed with full stainless steel, it's nearly maintenance-free, featuring a robust stainless steel pin that adds an extra layer of security when towing the boat. Suitable for both new and existing trailers, Boat Catch is an essential and reliable addition that I wouldn't go without."

Tony Orton from GFAB Trailers, NZ


Peter from Fishing with Fergy


"In my solo boating adventures, Boat Catch has proven to be an indispensable and exceptionally secure launch and retrieve system, boasting versatile mounting options and a heavy-duty design, while my personalized cord setup ensures a hassle-free and convenient operation, making it a game-changer for any solo boater seeking unparalleled safety and ease of use."

Peter from Fishing with Fergy



Small Boat Catch (boats up to 6m)




Large Boat Catch (boats 6-12m)




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Discover the Boatcatch, a robust and durable docking solution ensuring your boating experience is always hassle-free and worry-free. Heavy Duty, Strong, Sturdy Construction with and only two moving parts, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.