Boat Catch FAQ


Will the Boatcatch fit my boat and trailer?

The device comes in two sizes of the same design. The small size may be fitted to aluminium boats up to 6 metres long, and light duty fibreglass boats up to 6 metres. The large unit will accommodate a vessel as small as 5 metres and a boat any length and having a maximum weight of 8 tonne.

All boat bows and trailer bow posts vary in size and angle, so a universal mounting bracket comes with the device. The bracket has an adjustable head that can be set to match many angled trailer bow post.

The special polished eye that bolts simply to you boat bow, is made for a boat bow with a angle that measures between 37 degrees to 43 degrees in from the vertical (reference image) If your bow is beyond this range, a special 5 degree spacer is also included in the kit. This if used will then allow for a vessel that has a bow angle between 32 degrees and 48 degrees in from the vertical, to be fitted with a Boatcatch.

Who can fit my Boatcatch?

See our Complete Boat Catch Installation Guide.

Most handypeople who own a drill and some basic spanners can fit the Boatcatch. The device is clamped simply and directly to the trailer bow post with bolts and nuts. The most technical job is cutting the metal universal mounting kit “tube” to length with a hand saw or similar tool.

The drill is needed for only two things: To make 2 holes to locate the bolts in the mount tube, and to drill the 2 holes in the boat bow for the eye.
As boats come in many shapes and sizes, exact locating instructions can not not given. A small amount of your own judgment may be needed with deciding exactly where you fit the Boatcatch. Our gallery has one hundred examples, one of which is sure to help you.

Is my trailer bed suitable for drive on and off?

All trailer beds are suitable for drive off and so the Boatcatch will be a wonderful addition to your boating experience with the launch feature alone. Most boat trailers, especially modern designs are excellent for drive on boats. The thing to remember is; your boat has a “v” shape underneath.

This matches the “v” shape in your trailer bed. Your boat will try to settle into the “v” and therefore automatically centre you on your trailer, providing that you do not have the trailer too deep in the water, and, if you drive on slowly to let the boat settle centrally by its self.

As an extra assistance, several Boatcatch users add a final pair of rollers or Teflon skids in a sharp “v” shape, towards the front of the trailer, in the location where the lower boat bow takes its shape just under the water. This can be very inexpensive and assures a central entry onto the trailer even in rough weather. Over 90% of trailers in the USA have “guide on posts” on the rear corners thus guaranteeing central entry and location of the boat. See our gallery for images.

Can it fit twin and tri hull vessels?

Multi hull boats have three small differances to work with when fitting a Boatcatch. Because of these, it is not as simple and as fast to fit up. Some of the mounting components supplied will not suit or will need to be adapted, buts it no big deal. We have hundreds of Cats fitted with boatcatch, so check our gallery and see examples of the various methods of mounting.

The first differance is adapting the bow eye to the front shape of a cat (ask us for extra wedges and this usually solves the problem). The second is adapting or attaching the coupling to the trailer (refer our gallery to choose how you want to mount). The third is relevant if you mount the device in the centre of the bow, and that is, that the release lever pulls through a different angle, so remember to tell us it is for a cat, and we will supply the correct release handle free of charge.

Boatcatch Multi Hull buying and fitting information


Does the Boatcatch fit ski boats?

Ski boats often have very shallow bow angles as high as 60 degrees. They can also have a more blunt bow width. While the Boatcatch could certainly be fitted. These two things could make the job a little more complicated and a more highly skilled handy man would be needed to adapt the supplied stainless bow eye to the front of the vessel. You would need to make or adapt a spacer to take up the gap because a standard bow eye is for a 45 to 55 degree bow.

What components come with the product?

Because every boat and trailer combination is different, Boatcatch supplies bolts and brackets that can be adjusted or inserted or shortened to adapt to most people’s needs. It would be wasteful and uneconomical and not possible to provide every combination of parts for every boat in existence. We do however do our best. (Refer both sketch gallery and photo gallery for more detail.)

Unpacking Boat Catch


What happens if I break something on my Boatcatch?

Boatcatch has been rigorously tested both in real life situations and with state of the art design and destroy software. Wear or breakage without gross abuse or due to an accident is not normal.

We do give a lifetime warranty to the first owner of the boatcatch.

This includes free replacement of any moving part. So if a breakage occurs, email or phone us. We will work out just what components you need and send them to you asap. We do want to hear from you should something wear or break. Our goal is to provide the ultimate launch and retrieve device and so we need feedback thus allowing improvement if ever needed.

Boatcatch Sensational Lifetime Warranty explained


How long does it usually take to fit up a Boatcatch?

Some combinations of boat and trailer are extremely simple and ready for Boatcatch fit up. In the perfect case like this where you only have to add the Boatcatch in above your front V and winch, expect to take an hour or two to fit the Boatcatch.

However not every job is that simple. You may need to tweak the position of the V or the winch or move a cable eye or even adapt a supplied spacer post to your bow post. These jobs can add hours and if you have a “not so simple” set up. It is recommended you allow enough time to think and work the job through.

Remember extra thought and planning before you start will pay dividends.


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