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The Poli Glow® Restoration Program: Bringing New Life to Your Boat or RV

If you own a boat or an RV, you know that keeping it looking brand new can be a challenge. Oxidation, staining, and the general wear and tear of the elements can take their toll. That's where the Poli Glow® Restoration Program comes in. This program is designed to provide a high-gloss shine to your boat or RV, ensuring it looks brand new indefinitely. If you follow the program, you can expect minimal to no oxidation, easy cleaning, and simple upkeep, which means less work for you in the long run.



The key to the program's success is annual maintenance, as it refreshes the finish and applies UV inhibitors to prevent further oxidation. Waiting until oxidation sets in can lead to more work down the line. After 5-6 years, it's advisable to remove the old Poli Glow® and reapply it. By adhering to this program, you'll minimize the work required and say goodbye to the hassle of using a buffer. That's the power of Poli Glow®.

Poli Glow 1L Kit (up to 10m Boat)

Poli Glow 1L Kit

The Poli Glow® Restoration Program consists of four phases:

  1. Phase 1: The initial application of Poli Glow® on an older, oxidized boat or RV.

    • Step 1: Cleaning and Preparing - Remove oxidation and stains.
    • Step 2: Sealing and Protecting - Apply Poli Glow®.
  2. Phase 2: Annually, wash and apply maintenance coats of Poli Glow® to maintain the shine.
  3. Phase 3: After 5-6 years, remove and reapply Poli Glow® for a fresh layer.

  4. Phase 4: Repeat the annual maintenance and removal process to keep your vehicle looking new.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Phase 1 of the Poli Glow® Restoration Program, focusing on the restoration process.

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Phase 1: Restoring Your Older Boat or RV

The first-time application of Poli Glow® on an older, oxidized boat or RV is a two-step process, which is crucial to the overall success of the program.

Step 1: Cleaning and Preparing

In this step, you'll remove oxidation and stains. The goal is to achieve a uniform appearance by eliminating the white chalky layer of oxidation. If you see color variations, spotting, or mottling, it's essential to address these issues before moving on to the next step. A few products are essential for this stage:

  • Poli Prep™: A concentrated formula for removing mild to moderate oxidation and staining. It's vital for preparing the surface by eliminating chalky residue and stains.

  • White Non-Abrasive Scrub Pad: This pad is designed to remove oxidation, dirt, grime, and light staining without scratching the gelcoat.

  • Ultra-Fine Sanding Pad: This pad is more abrasive and helps remove heavy oxidation and deeper stains, but avoid using it on painted surfaces to prevent scratching.

Poli Glow 500ml Kit (6m Boat)

Poli Glow 500ml Kit

Step 2: Sealing and Protecting

Once the surface is clean and uniform, you'll move on to sealing and protecting it with Poli Glow®. This unique product is specially formulated to provide a high-gloss shine and seal the surface against water, stains, and damage. Applying Poli Glow® will make your boat or RV look brand new, enhancing colors and bringing decals back to life. You can use either the Poli-Mitt™ applicator or the 7” Chamois applicator to apply Poli Glow®. The choice is yours.

A Note of Caution:

  • Don't use Poli Glow® on new boats or RVs with a shiny finish.
  • Use Poli Prep™ and Poli Ox™ with caution on painted surfaces and clear coat.
  • Be careful when working with plastic components and gelcoat.
  • Pay attention to rubber components, decals, and other materials.

By following these guidelines and the complete Poli Glow® Restoration Program, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-gloss, brand-new appearance for your boat or RV. Don't wait for oxidation to set in; be proactive and enjoy the ease of maintenance with Poli Glow®.

Remember, Poli Glow® is not a one-time application; it's a long-term solution for keeping your vehicle looking its best. So why wait? Restore the shine to your boat or RV with the power of Poli Glow®.

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