Introducing Easylay—an anchoring solution that revolutionizes the way you secure your vessel. With Easylay, maneuvering your boat despite wind and tide becomes effortless. This versatile tool enables full control over your boat's direction using just one anchor, ensuring you can easily keep you boat facing the same way, which helps keep your fishing position. Designed for easy use, it's hassle-free, quick to release, and guarantees no jamming. Crafted from durable UV-stable composite material, Easylay ensures longevity and reliability. Attach it from stern to bow for optimal anchoring. Simplify your boat's positioning with ease and precision using Easylay.
Quick tie up - Easy to release (will not jam)
PACKAGE SIZE: 5.5 metre Rope Length
Can be used with up to 12mm Rope
MATERIAL: High comp-material which is UV stable, lasting you for years

Step-by-step guide on how to use the EasyLay anchoring system:

  1. Preparation: Before deployment, ensure your EasyLay is easily accessible and untangled.

  2. Attach to Stern Cleat: Begin by securing the EasyLay rope to the stern cleat of your vessel.

  3. Run Along the Side: From the stern, run the EasyLay rope along the side of your boat towards the bow.

  4. Set the Anchor: Set your anchor at the desired location and depth according to the anchoring requirements.

  5. Attach to the Anchor Rope: Once the anchor is securely set, hook the EasyLay onto the anchor rope.

  6. Adjustment for Optimal Positioning: Gradually let out more rope as needed to achieve the best layout and positioning for your vessel.

  7. Control Your Boat's Direction: Utilize the EasyLay to easily maneuver and direct your boat in any desired direction using just one anchor.

  8. Quick Release: When you're ready to move, simply release the EasyLay for a quick and hassle-free disengagement.

Remember, EasyLay offers versatility and ease of use, making it an ideal tool for optimizing your boat's positioning while anchoring.

Always ensure a secure and safe anchoring process before setting sail.



Model # PR8305
Brand Easylay6
Shipping Weight 0.4500kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.200m

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