EasyLay - the Value and How to Use!

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Easy Lay: Revolutionizing Boat Anchoring for Anglers and Boaters

When it comes to boating and fishing, maintaining your vessel’s position can be a constant battle against the elements. Wind, tides, and currents can easily disrupt your ideal spot, making the anchoring process cumbersome and frustrating. Enter Easy Lay, the anchoring solution designed to transform your boating experience by providing unparalleled control and ease. Whether you’re competing in the Twin Rivers Bream Classic or enjoying a leisurely day on the water, Easy Lay ensures your boat remains perfectly positioned, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – fishing and enjoying the water.

The Value of Easy Lay

Effortless Control
Easy Lay revolutionizes anchoring by allowing you to maneuver your boat using just one anchor. This means you can maintain your boat's direction and position with precision, even in challenging conditions. No more struggling against the wind or current – Easy Lay gives you the control you need for a successful and enjoyable boating experience.

EasyLay Anchoring Tool - $29.95        

Quick Tie-Up and Release
One of the standout features of Easy Lay is its quick tie-up and release mechanism. Designed to be hassle-free, it ensures that your anchor can be deployed and retrieved without any jamming. This saves you time and effort, making your boating experience smoother and more efficient.

Durable and Reliable
Crafted from high composite material that is UV stable, Easy Lay is built to last. This durability ensures that the product can withstand the harsh marine environment, providing you with a reliable anchoring solution for years to come. Its robust construction guarantees that it can handle the stresses of anchoring, giving you peace of mind.

Versatile Usage
Easy Lay is designed to be versatile, accommodating up to 12mm rope and offering a 5.5-meter rope length. This makes it suitable for a variety of boats and anchoring situations. Whether you’re anchoring in deep waters or closer to shore, Easy Lay adapts to your needs, ensuring optimal performance in diverse conditions.


Optimal Positioning
Keeping your boat facing the right direction is crucial for effective fishing. Easy Lay’s design allows you to achieve the best layout and positioning for your vessel, maximizing your fishing potential. By maintaining a steady position, you can focus on casting and reeling in your catch without constant adjustments.

How to Use Easy Lay

  1. Preparation
    Before deploying Easy Lay, ensure the product is easily accessible and the rope is untangled. This preparation step is crucial for a smooth anchoring process.

  2. Attach to Stern Cleat
    Begin by securing the Easy Lay rope to the stern cleat of your vessel. This initial attachment provides the foundation for the anchoring process.

  3. Run Along the Side
    From the stern, run the Easy Lay rope along the side of your boat towards the bow. This step ensures the rope is properly positioned for anchoring.

  4. Set the Anchor
    Set your anchor at the desired location and depth according to your anchoring requirements. Ensure the anchor is securely set before proceeding.

  5. Attach to the Anchor Rope
    Once the anchor is set, hook the Easy Lay onto the anchor rope. This connection allows you to control the boat's positioning using the Easy Lay system.

  6. Adjustment for Optimal Positioning
    Gradually let out more rope as needed to achieve the best layout and positioning for your vessel. This step ensures that your boat is perfectly positioned for fishing or other activities.

  7. Control Your Boat’s Direction
    Utilize the Easy Lay to easily maneuver and direct your boat in any desired direction using just one anchor. This control is essential for maintaining the perfect fishing spot.

  8. Quick Release
    When you’re ready to move, simply release the Easy Lay for a quick and hassle-free disengagement. The easy release mechanism ensures that you can swiftly transition to your next location.


Easy Lay is more than just an anchoring solution – it’s a game-changer for anglers and boaters. By providing effortless control, quick tie-up and release, durability, and optimal positioning, Easy Lay enhances your boating experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient. Whether you’re participating in the Twin Rivers Bream Classic or embarking on a casual fishing trip, Easy Lay ensures your boat remains steady, allowing you to focus on fishing and making memories on the water. Equip yourself with Easy Lay and anchor your success with ease and precision.