Anchor Winch Shootout

In a riveting test of maritime prowess, four anchor winches engaged in an epic showdown that pushed their limits. As three contenders faltered within a few cycles, one anchor winch displayed unmatched resilience, breezing through an astonishing 100 cycles, leaving its rivals in its wake. The vast difference in performance between this standout champion and the rest was as vast as the open sea.










The showdown unfolded as a thrilling spectacle, pitting industrial powerhouses against each other in a grueling test of endurance. The challenge was straightforward yet demanding: continuous operation to determine the winch that could withstand the longest duration.

From the get-go, the competition swiftly separated contenders from mere aspirants. The Savwinch 1000SS faltered after just two cycles, followed by the Stressfree Mini 50 series lasting a bit longer, enduring through 29 cycles before admitting defeat. The Viper Pro Series 11-1000 put up a fight, lasting for 43 cycles before bowing out.

However, it was the Lone Star GX2, proclaimed as "Our undisputed Champion," that stole the spotlight. Unwavering and relentless, this powerhouse outlasted and outshone its competitors with remarkable ease. It defied expectations, cruising through an astounding 100 cycles effortlessly, leaving onlookers in sheer awe.

The distance between this champion and its defeated rivals was nothing short of extraordinary. While others stumbled and succumbed to the grueling test, this victorious winch continued to operate seamlessly, showcasing unparalleled power and endurance.

What truly distinguishes this champion is its exceptional adaptability. Beyond conquering the surface challenge, it exhibited a unique capability to operate underwater. This remarkable feat highlights its prowess as a true marine force, capable of excelling in the most demanding conditions.

In the realm of anchor winches, this showdown unequivocally crowns the Lone Star GX2 as the undisputed leader—an emblem of unwavering strength and endurance. This independent test video stands as a testament to the Lone Star's remarkable capabilities in modern marine technology, illustrating that innovation and performance on the high seas know no bounds.

The Lone Star GX2 Anchor Winch
"The Undisputed Champion"
Lone Star GX2 - "The Undisputed Champion"

Important factors to consider when choosing an Anchor Winch

1. The size and weight of the boat

2. The anchor size required

3. The anchor rope (size & length of rope & chain required)

4. The size of the anchor well

5. Anchor winch power required


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