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Extensive Boating Resources All in One Place

With over 20 years in the boating industry, we're your expert guides to a successful and relaxing boating experience. Discover the latest equipment like Anchor Winches, Anchors, Boat Catch and Stainless Steel products, or prep your boat for the season with cleaning tips and top-notch products. Browse through our knowledge base and experience the joy of having all your boating resources in one place.

Product Guides

Anchor Winch Guide

Discover the ultimate solution for smooth and effortless anchoring with our comprehensive Anchor Winch Guide – your go-to resource for expert tips and insights on maximizing your boating experience.

Boat Catch Guide

Discover the Boatcatch, a robust and durable docking solution ensuring your boating experience is always hassle-free and worry-free. Heavy Duty, Strong, Sturdy Construction with and only two moving parts, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Anchoring Insights

Explore the whole Anchoring Insights series for essential knowledge, practical tips, and expert advice that will elevate your anchoring skills, ensuring a safe and secure seafaring experience.

Ultimate Boat Maintenance & Cleaning Guide

Get ready to sail with confidence and keep your boat in top-notch condition this summer! Our Guide covers everything from prepping your vessel for sunny adventures to keeping your equipment in tip-top shape

Make Fibreglass Shine like New - Poli Glow!

Experience the magic of Poli Glow® Restoration Program, a game-changer that effortlessly brings back the brand-new shine to your boat or RV, making oxidation and wear a thing of the past! The Poli Glow® Restoration Program phases:

  • Cleaning and Preparing - Remove oxidation and stains
  • The initial application of Poli Glow® on an older, oxidized boat or RV
  • Annually, wash and apply maintenance coats of Poli Glow® to maintain the shine
  • Repeat the annual maintenance and removal process to keep your vehicle looking new.

Anchor Winch Shootout

The unstoppable Champion emerges! Watch this thrilling video as four Anchor Winches go head-to-head in an epic torture test.